Chicago Woman Becomes 1st Patient To Be Cured Of Sickle Cell Disease

Chicago Woman Becomes 1st Patient To Be Cured Of Sickle Cell Disease
If you or someone you know suffers from sickle cell disease, hope is on the way. Iesha Thomas, who suffered from the disease herself, is the first person to be cured. This is huge!!!
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Sickle cell affects 1 in every 500 African Americans in the U.S. But, the good news is, this disease might be on its way out. Fingers crossed.
Iesha Thomas, 33, was living with the disease that progressively got worse. It really wreaked havoc on her life after she gave birth to her daughter, resulting in her needing repeat blood transfusions and 2 hip replacements due to bone damage.
The disease can be extremely painful. What happens is a defect that causes the oxygen-carrying red blood cells to take on a sickle-like appearance. The blood cells deliver less oxygen to the body’s tissues, causing severe pain, stroke, and even organ damage.
But a great breakthrough has occurred! Thomas is the first patient in the midwest to be cured of the Sickle Cell Disease.
“I just want to be at home with my daughter every day and every night,” said Thomas.
Physicians at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Science System performed a procedure using medication to suppress her immune system and a small dose of total body radiation before doing the stem cell transplant. The procedure allows for the patient’s own bone marrow to coexist with that of the donor. The goal of the transplant is for the stem cells to gradually take over the bone marrow’s role in producing normal, and healthy red blood cells.
Congrats Iesha. How amazing! We’re rooting for you and all people suffering from sickle cell for complete health and healing. This procedure could really turn things around.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Hosts Sensory Sensitive Sundays for Those on the Autism Spectrum

Chuck E. Cheese’s Hosts Sensory Sensitive Sundays for Those on the Autism Spectrum
Children on the autism spectrum now have more places to play thanks to a new initiative hosted by Chuck E. Cheese’s and the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD). As part of their partnership, Chuck E. Cheese’s will host “Sensory Sensitive Sundays” at its Attleboro, Massachusetts, location, with events scheduled for the first Sunday of each month.
“We are excited to provide a special opportunity every month for sensory sensitive families to enjoy their favorite pizza and games in a safe and friendly environment of tolerance and understanding,” Breanna Tanksley, manager of Chuck E. Cheese’s Attleboro, said in a press release.
The first sensory-friendly event was held on November 6, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Following the first Sunday format, the next event will be held on December 4.
Chuck E. Cheese´s location
Chuck E. Cheese is the latest company to organize sensory-sensitive events geared towards children on the autism spectrum. Last month, Toys “R” Us stores in the U.S. and U.K. announced they would hold quiet holiday shopping hours for families on the autism spectrum.

The Challenges of Having Chiari Malformation

The Challenges of Having Chiari Malformation
Chiari malformation is “a serious neurological disorder where the bottom part of the brain, the cerebellum, descends out of the skull and crowds the spinal cord, putting pressure on both the brain and spine and causing many symptoms,” according to Conquer Chiari. Here are 31 problems people with Chiari malformation will definitely understand:
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1. Frequently find yourself wondering if you are a hypochondriac, mentally ill or just “lazy.”
2. Always picked last for team sports.
3. Severe headaches which can last for days (the kind that feels like your skull is trying to give birth to your brain through your neck and/or any other hole in your head).
4. Learning to ride a bike or anything else requiring balance for that matter.
5. Being able to sneeze, laugh and/or bend over without getting a headache.
6. The frustration you experience after multiple appointments with multiple doctors who all tell you, “Chiari does not cause pain or any symptoms and is just an incidental finding, not the cause of your symptoms.”
7. Finding a neurosurgeon or any doctor who specializes in Chiari in or near your home state who is also in your insurance network.
8. Learning how to communicate with doctors so you do not come off as “knowing” more than they do, or appearing to be a drug seeker or hypochondriac.
9. Dealing with mixed up brain signals that make you to turn right when you know you need to turn left.  Thank goodness for GPS!
10. Learning brain decompression surgery for Chiari is not a cure, but you still need to have said surgery in order to prevent permanent nerve damage (without a guarantee surgery will help alleviate any of your current symptoms).
11. An over-sensitive nervous system results in frequent “unpleasant tactile experiences.” For example, needing at least ten napkins (ideally wet ones) to deal with sticky fingers at meal time, the weird squishy feel of cotton the balls in medicine bottles give you shivers up your spine and any accidental contact of teeth with tin foil is enough to put you over the edge.
12. Insensitive people (bosses, educational professionals, family members, coworkers, nurses, doctors).
13. Having to learn about the risk vs. benefits of the bovine patch vs. synthetic patch, wondering what your chances will be of actually getting mad cow
disease, and then secretly wondering if you will be prone to unexpected “mooing” and how that will affect your job situation.
14. When you are reading about the symptoms of Chiari and you realize Chiari has “friends” which frequently like to come along to the dysfunctional party that is your body, such as syringomyelia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), dysautonomia, tethered cord syndrome (TCS), congenital scoliosisKlippel-Feil Syndrome (KFS), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to name just a few. Then you wonder to yourself, “Am I just looking for more things to be wrong with me?” And you think to yourself again, “Maybe I really am a hypochondriac?”
15. People who think exercise, nutrition and supplements are the only treatment needed for Chiari.
16. Sudden changes in the weather and the realization you now track barometric pressure and weather forecasts in order to plan you pain
medication and activity level for the week.
17. Having “the spins” without the benefit of a few glasses of wine, beer or other adult beverage.
18. The sheer sense panic that comes over you on a major “brain fog day” when your boss decides to ask you a direct question during a meeting and you have no idea what he is talking about. You can barely form a sentence so you pretend to go into a coughing fit in order to save your job.
19. Never having enough paid time off to cover your sick days (bad symptom days), doctor’s appointments, medical procedures and still be able to take a real vacation.
20. Swallowing a drink of water or bite of food without choking on it all of the time.
21. Trying everything from massage therapy, essential oils, reiki energy therapy, electronic tens units, botox injections, nerve blocks and chiropractic adjustments in an attempt to relieve your chronic neck and back pain so you are able to function like a “neurotypical” human being.
22. Sleep apnea (obstructive and central).
23. Not being able to decide if it is it a hot compress kind of headache or a cold compress kind of headache, so you grab an ice pack from the freezer and also a heating pad and take both to bed with you in order to minimize any necessary movement and exposure to light until the pain passes.
24. Going from chronic fatigue during the day to insomnia that same night.
25. Perfecting the art of tripping over absolutely nothing and saying to others, “Don’t follow me, because I run into walls!” in a joking manner, but also being dead serious.
26. Sitting for long periods of time which requires you to wear compression stockings and/or secretly perform “toe and foot circles” under the conference room table in a effort to keep your feet from falling to sleep and going completely numb.
27. Having to plan for fun by allowing for “respite time” before and after especially busy days or special events.
28. Having a somewhat desperate and innate need for others to understand, just a little bit, of how having Chiari affects you, your family
and your everyday existence on this planet. Then having the sad realization most people will never “get it” unless they experience it first hand.
29. Going from multiple online support groups to zero because you just can’t handle the sadness and drama that seem to go along with rare and chronic illness discussions. Then rejoining said online support groups, because you miss having people in your life who “understand.”
30. Trying to teach others how to say Chiari.  It’s pronounced “key-AR-ee” everyone!
31. Getting people to realize our brains are just too big for our skulls.

My Hidden Disease: I Have Ankylosing Spondylitis And I’m Not Alone

My Hidden Disease: I Have Ankylosing Spondylitis And I’m Not Alone
Empathy, sadness, joy and a sense of family are just some of the immediate feelings I had when I ended my FaceTime conversation with Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons.
LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 30:  Singer/drummer Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons performs during the third annual Tyler Robinson Foundation gala benefiting families affected by pediatric cancer at Caesars Palace on September 30, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Dan and I have something in common called ankylosing spondylitis, or AS for short. Instead of getting into a long, drawn-out medical definition, I will describe it like this: our bodies are attacking themselves, and there is no cure.
People suffer in silence and feel they are alone because they think no one understands.
Most of us AS sufferers have to deal with chronic pain 24/7. It is a “hidden disease,” as Dan labelled it. Dan is a now a spokesperson for our disease through an awareness campaign launched in collaboration between the Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) and Novartis Pharmaceuticals (U.S.). They provided me this amazing opportunity to speak with Dan, not on a musician/star basis, but on a personal one.
Dan and I were diagnosed with AS almost at the same time. When I was listening to him speak, I began to feel an immediate connection. Dan knew he had AS for almost a decade before announcing it to tens of thousands in First Direct Arena in Leeds, England on Nov. 10, 2015.
“I didn’t want the world to know for fear it would be a weakness… I don’t really know honestly why (I shared my AS on stage), but I don’t regret it,” he told me.
This statement resonated so much with me. For some reason in this world, no one is allowed to show vulnerability even if they’re ill. People with a lot of different diseases suffer in silence and feel they are alone because they think no one understands.
I have a disease that no one can see. AS can affect every joint in your body, your internal organs and your mental health. I unfortunately know people who have ended their lives. They just couldn’t take their AS struggle anymore.
People who suffer from AS tend to become family, whether they want to or not.
I am amazed at the way Dan looks at AS. He is so full of positivity and wants to be a voice for all of us that have it. I alone couldn’t think of a better spokesperson for us “AS Warriors,” as we like to call ourselves.
People who suffer from AS tend to become family, whether they want to or not. We are the only ones who truly understand what we are going through — from restless nights, to being too sore to leave the house, to missing out on fun activities with friends.
dan reynolds
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons on Sept. 30, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Dan was very adamant and wanted people to know “you aren’t alone, there is a community out there.”
I can’t stress this point enough. We have both felt alone, even with family around. It isn’t the same trying to explain what you are going through to someone who isn’t dealing with AS. Dan emphasized, “You need to find comfort in other people’s stories… now I really want to do all I can, to be a voice for it and to spread awareness so people don’t feel so alone.”
Dan accepts that as a spokesperson, people like me may now approach him for advice. “I hope people go to their rheumatologists and not to Doctor Dan, ’cause I got nothing,” he quipped. But my lasting impression of Dan is that in life lessons, he knows a great deal. Throughout his struggle with AS, Dan speaks about how very supportive his wife is and how even his four-year-old daughter knows how to pronounce ankylosing spondylitis.
dawn hamilton as
Dawn Hamilton lives in St. Catharines, Ontario and was diagnosed with AS in 2008.
I was excited to learn the Imagine Dragons may be going on tour in 2017. I can’t wait to see the tour list. Dan mentioned that AS had “fed the creative part” of him when it came to music, and it gave him “passion to create more music.”
AS affects every part of our life. As a creative musician, Dan’s lyrics, music and even performance are directly impacted by AS.
“Emotion is what breeds art and I definitely had emotions, someone telling you, you have a disease that could possibly ruin your life,” he said. When you have a chronic ailment, your emotions tend to be all over the place — and sometimes you take it out on the people you are closest to.
Although I only spoke with Dan for minutes, I feel like I’ve made a life-long friend.
Our discussion wasn’t all serious, though. When I asked if he would ever write a song about AS, he immediately burst into song. “I think it has already been fused into many songs whether I knew it or not,” he said. I now think it is time for me to listen a bit closer to the lyrics of Imagine Dragons and see what I can hear.
Although I only spoke with Dan for minutes, I feel like I’ve made a life-long friend. I will probably never be able to talk to Dan again, but I know he’s out there rooting for all of us. And now, we’re all inspired by his music, his courage and his life with AS.

To My Husband When I Don’t Have the Words to Explain My Anxiety

To My Husband When I Don’t Have the Words to Explain My Anxiety
To the one who signed up for loving me and everything that comes with me,
I’m having a rough day. You know that for better or for worse thing you committed to? This is somewhere on the “for worse” end of the spectrum. If you have received this letter, there’s a chance I may be curled up in a corner somewhere in our house, sobbing uncontrollably. Please find me, hold me and give me a little kiss on the forehead. I’m probably going to need some tissues as well, unless you don’t mind me using the sleeve of your favorite Brooks Brothers shirt to wipe my eyes… and probably my nose.
Please, know this has nothing to do with you. I know you’ve never lived with someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. You’ve never had to come home and comfort a person you love from an invisible monster that lives inside of them. If this were a visible illness, you could see the scars from the battles I fight on a daily basis and the bruises from when my anxiety is beating me up inside. You can’t though. You just have to trust I’m fighting every day to be the best version of myself, for me and for you.
Loving you is one of the easiest and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, all at the same time. You have given me something to fight for but also a fear greater than I’ve ever known. My fear is that everything that comes with the human being that is me is going to drive you away someday. I can’t control that though, and that scares me, too. You have given me no reason for these fears. It’s nothing you’ve ever done or said. It’s the opposite really. It’s the anxiety being fearful and the depression telling me I’m not worthy of the love of someone as incredible as you. 
I know better, though. Depression and anxiety are liars. I am so worth loving. In fact, my blessing and curse of being able to feel things so incredible deeply means I will love you deeply. My passion, compassion and empathy will make me a great wife to you and a great mom to the kids we will hopefully someday have. I just need to be reminded of that somedays when I’m overcome by Xi and the ‘Pression Monster (it’s what I call the anxiety and depression so it sounds less scary — I imagine them as my own internal heavy metal band).
I’m sorry I lack the ability to use my words right now. I wish I could explain to you why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and what drives me into feeling that way. Nine times out of 10, I can’t pin down the reason. Sometimes all I can do to help you understand is send you articles written by others who have gone through the same thing.
One last thing: I know this affects you, too. I know it’s terrifying for you to see me like this. I can’t even imagine. I know you want to do everything you can to make it better, but you’re learning just like I am. We’re both going to have a few bumps along the road trying to figure this all out. I know you’re trying and I hope you know that I’m trying, too.
Today, I’m going to need you to love me a little bit louder, hug me a little bit tighter and maybe grab me an ice pack for my head.
Forever and always,

Best Keto Bread Recipe | 1g Net Carbs Per Slice- Weight Loss Programes

The Best Keto Bread Through Trial and Error

If you’ve been looking for what is definitively the best keto bread recipe on the internet, then you’ve come to the right place. How do I know it’s the best? Well, I’ve tried just about every keto bread recipe there is over the past few months and decided that nothing was good enough. There’s a couple that are good, but I wanted perfection! The best part about this recipe is that it’s simple, and once you have it down you can replicate this any time you want. I’ve been making a loaf every sunday for the past few weeks and would recommend that to anyone. It’s so nice to have a loaf of bread at your disposal when you’re on a low carb diet. It almost feels like cheating. Check out this recipe and start making the best keto bread you’ve ever tried today!
best keto bread loaf sliced straight on

The Secret Step

The secret step in this recipe that takes this bread from good to great is the separation of the eggs. You’re going to want to separate the yolks and the whites. The reason for this is that we’re going to whip the egg whites until they are fluffy. We’re looking for soft peaks. This will add some volume to the otherwise dense bread. Beating the egg whites is the answer to the denseness that comes with using almond flour. I’ve made countless baked goods using almond flour and the main problem I’ve encountered is how dense the finished product is. The fluffy egg whites in unison with the high dosage of baking powder do a good job of getting this loaf nice and fluffy and adding some air pockets into the loaf. This makes for a better tasting bread.
What makes this the best keto bread recipe you’re likely to find is the fact that you can use it the same way you use actual bread. Sounds crazy right? If you search for keto bread on pinterest, or the internet you’ll find a different recipe for everything you might want to make. Want to make french toast? sandwiches? croutons? avocado toast? You can do it all with this bread recipe. You can even get crazy and throw this bread in a food processor and use it as italian bread crumbs. The possibilities are endless.
best keto bread avocado toast

The Best Part About This Bread?

The best part about this bread is that it makes it so much easier to eat a low carb diet. Yes, there are some savage beasts(joking) that don’t miss bread at all and are happy to just eat bacon 7 times a day, but if you’re anything like me, bread was a staple of your diet growing up and you still have a look of yearning in your eyes when they drop that bread basket in the middle of the table at family dinner. I feel your pain. This bread your shoulder to cry on.
best keto bread sliced and toasted

Keto Meal Prep!

If this bread recipe interests you, then you might also like this meal prep video Megha and I made. We show you what an average weekly meal prep looks like for us. This isn’t the crazy bodybuilder meal prep where we put everything in individual portioned Tupperware. We just show you how we prepare a few keto staples(including the best keto bread!) at the start of each week. We find this helps us immensly and if you haven’t tried it yet we would definitely recommend you give it a try.
As always, if you try any of our recipes or have questions, please leave us a comment or send us an email. Be sure to check back regularly as we put out 2-3 awesome keto recipes a week. Thanks!
The best keto bread recipe in all the land!


(per slice)
Calories: 90
Fat: 8g
Protein: 4g
Carbs: 2.25g
Fiber: 0.9g
Net Carbs: 1.35g
  • 1 1/2 Cup Almond Flour we get ours on amazon
  • 6 Large eggs Separated
  • 4 tbsp Butter melted
  • 3 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar You can omit this. It only slightly improves the bread.
  • 1 pinch salt
  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Add Cream of Tartar to the whites and beat until soft peaks are achieved.
  3. In a food processor combine the egg yolks, butter, almond flour, baking powder and salt. Mix until combined. This will be a lumpy thick dough until the whites are added.
  4. Add the beaten egg whites to the mixture and further process. Be careful not to over mix! Once the whites are incorporated stop mixing. (If you do not have a food processor you can use a blender. You can try by hand but it might be tough to pull off)
  5. Pour mixture into a buttered 8×4 loaf pan. Bake for 30 minutes. Check with a toothpick to ensure the bread is cooked through. Enjoy! 1 loaf makes 20 slices.

chia seed health benefit side effect to lose weight for busy moms

chia seed health benefit side effect to lose weight for busy moms - Chia seed these days is pretty much the subject of conversation among lovers of organic food . Small , but is said to have excellent benefits for the body , especially for those who want to lose weight .

Chia seed is a kind of small seeds derived from the plant Salvia hispanica L. The plant is grown in Mexico and South America . But lately, chia seed started to go to Indonesia and became one of the favorite organic food enough.

Chia Seed That Have Many Benefits

The taste of chia seed itself tends bland. And to eat , you need to immerse it in a liquid or water for several minutes , and can also be a mixed with other foods .

Chia seed is believed to have several health benefits, one of which is to assist in weight loss. This small form will expand after a while immersed in water. And will be expanding again after the chia seed is in the stomach, which is why chia seed can make people who eat them can feel full longer, and there are believed to help in weight loss.

Chia seed itself actually contains omega-3 fatty acids are very good and the body needs to lower triglycerides. Besides containing omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds also contain quite a lot of fiber, which is at least 10 grams of fiber contained in 28 grams of chia seed. 

Not only that, 28 grams of chia seed also contains quite a variety of other nutrients needed by the body. Among others, 18% of the daily required amount of calcium, 30% manganese, 27% phosphorus, 5 grams protein, 12 grams carbohydrates, 8 grams of fat and 138 calories. Even chia seed also contains copper, potassium, and zinc.

What are the Benefits of Chia seed ?
For those of you who love organic food or raw food diet , may have heard some of the benefits of chia seed . However, the fact still needed more research on the benefits of chia seed itself .

For those of you who are curious about the benefits of chia seed variety , the following are a variety of benefits are expected to be contained in chia seed .
  • Lose weight
Fairly high amount of fiber in chia seed and low calorie content make it credible enough to lose weight . Because high fiber foods generally can assist in making the stomach feel full longer .

  • Good for people with diverticulosis
For those of you who suffer from diverticulosis (pouches that form in the intestinal wall and protrude out into the abdominal cavity), eating foods high in fiber can facilitate bowel movements and allow more water is absorbed in the colon. In addition, fiber foods may also reduce inflammation and pressure in the colon.

  • Acting as a detox and digestion
Remove toxic waste from the body through feces and bile is essential. That's why regular bowel movements is not less important to urinate. In order to maintain the regularity of bowel movements, the body needs foods that contain fiber. With a sufficiently high fiber content, chia seed became one of the foods that are believed to help digestive health and smoothness.

  • Diabetes
Eating 1000 calories per day, which also contains 14 grams of fiber linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. In addition, foods containing high fiber can also keep blood sugar stable.

Additionally, chia seed is also expected good for lowering LDL or bad cholesterol in the body and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmias and thrombosis. In fact, omega-3 in it is also not less high, chia seed is believed to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and sudden death from heart disease.

chia seed health benefit side effect to lose weight for busy moms

Notice Processing Method
In order to gain the benefits of chia seed above the maximum, you need to process it properly. From one case in an impaired swallowing food, chia seed can cause blockage of the food pipe (esophagus) because it is easy to absorb water in the vicinity. Chia seeds can expand up to 27 times compared to the initial weight. It is advisable chia seed is swallowed with food or other liquids.

If you are interested in enjoying chia seed as a daily menu, you can process a variety of ways. Starting from making one of the ingredients to make pudding mix, muffin, or jam.

Kandungan beragam nutrisi yang ada di dalam chia seed memang bisa membuat seseorang jatuh hati. Meski masih memerlukan lebih banyak lagi penelitian mengenai manfaat chia seed bagi kesehatan, tidak ada salahnya memasukan chia seed ke dalam menu harian Anda. Namun ingat untuk mengolahnya dengan benar, agar khasiatnya bisa didapatkan secara maksimal.