4 Causes of Down Syndrome

Pemakanan Diet Sihat Yang Betul - One problem that is often feared by the prospective parents are abnormalities of Down Syndrome in children. Because these disorders affect the future, even for the survival of children in the future will be very dependent on his parents. Therefore, parents need to understand the causes of mental retardation in order to perform early treatment.
Case of Down syndrome
Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a disorder that occurs due to chromosomal abnormalities in the human body. According to the science of chromosomes in normal circumstances amount to 46 units. Where there are 22 chromosomes genotypes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes. However, in the case of Down syndrome are disorders that cause excess chromosome pair 21. The total number of chromosomes to 47 units. This disorder can occur in both men and women.

This disorder has been researched and discovered in 1866 by Dr. John Longdon Down. Then revised 
again in America and Europe in the 1970s who later was named according to the inventor,
ie Down Syndrome .
The following are the characteristics that appear in a child with Down's syndrome disorders :       

1.      Short stature .

2.      Head size is small.

3.      has a pug nose .

4.      Skull bones tend oval .

5.      Has a face like a mongoloid , also known as mongolism

300 thousand cases of Down Syndrome have occurred in Indonesia . And this number will 
continue to rise for several years. When someone is having this syndrome , generally will be 
accompanied by other organ abnormalities . For example, major disorders such as heart disease, 
atresia gastrointestal , leukemia , and thyroid.

Why the child can suffer from Down's syndrome is because the child has more chromosomes than the normal chromosomes.

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