Determining the Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss - The trend of having a healthy diet has raised the selling number of its supportive products such as protein shakes. Plus, campaigns by A-list celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow toward its virtues have succeeded in influencing people to make their best protein shakes for weight loss. But, what become questions are, is this this kind of powder-formed protein really effective in helping people to lose their weight? If yes, then how? And what kind of protein powder that we better to choose? The answer of these questions will be presented in the following explanation.

best protein shakes for weight loss
best protein shakes for weight loss

Protein shakes, what are they? How does it work?

Before making your best protein shakes for weight loss, firstly, you need to know about what kind of protein that we’re talking about. Here, we’re talking about protein powder. This kind of powder usually made of soy, whey, pea, and other materials. In consuming this dietary meal, people usually blend it with other materials such as milk, fruit, and others to add some flavors and aroma. And the most common way is by mixing it with fruit or milk as smoothie or milkshake.

Then how this product can be so effective for diet? A research in 2007 found that when you consume high amount of protein, it could trigger the production of ghrelin hormone. This hormone is able to suppress your appetite, so that it can reduce your hungry-feeling. But, just because it can help you to lower your hunger-level, it doesn’t mean that you can only consume this protein for your diet. Experts say that consuming only best protein shakes for weight loss is not really good for our health. Protein powder for diet will brings good result only if you consume it alongside other nutritious food such as fruit, grain, and vegetable. However, you need to keep the balance of your eating to provide enough nutrients for your body. Beside, enough rest-time and adequate exercise are also needed to increase your muscle mass.

Then, what is best kind of protein to make your best protein shakes for weight loss? Here are some kinds that you can select. The first and the most popular is whey protein. This protein made of cow’s milk. It contains 9 kinds of amino acids essentials that can’t be produced inside of our own body. So, when you’re building your muscles and need a lot of protein supply, this one would be perfect. Second is casein protein. This is the main protein that can be found in milk. It is absorbed by our body slower compared to whey protein. So, if you’re in the middle of diet, it is really efficient for being a meal replacement. Next is soy protein, made of soybean. It contains high amount of arginine and glutamine, which are good for your digestive system and brain function. If you have an allergy to dairy product, this kind of protein is going to be your perfect choice.

Determining the Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Besides, there are other kinds of protein shakes that you can choose. They are egg white protein, pea protein, and hemp protein. But, one thing that you should remember when consuming it, is the dose. The Federal Government suggests woman to consume 46g pro per day, and 64g for men. After all, you should be wise in choosing the kind of protein to make your best protein shake for weight loss by considering the things about. Thank you.
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